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Breath Relaxation Therapy (AOT) in Eindhoven

Respiration has two functions: It is able to regulate mental and physical tension states, but more basic is its function to provide information to the subject of the internal state of tension. Breathing reflects tension and serves as an indicator of it. The whole body is involved in breathing. There is an interconnection between the spinal column and breathing movement. Two patterns were found: length and width breathing. Optimal breathing uses both.

Length breathing is present when the spine is more or less straight. During inhalation and exhalation, the chest not only expands and flattens but also makes a rolling movement, upward and downward. This is connected to slight and complementary changes in lumbar and cervical lordosis. Thus, the head remains stable.
Width breathing occurs when the spine is more flexed or when one is lying prone and extension and chest rolling is prohibited. The ribcage expands more sideways. Muscle tension and relaxation, images, movements, and postures are used for their facilitative effect of respiration.

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Instructions bring one's attention inside, cause a change within oneself for a short period of time. Then stop doing this and passively attend to any response from one's system. Thus, an instruction is an alternation between active attention, doing something within oneself, and passive attention, being attentive and perceptive of the changes that remain after having stopped the active part.

The end result may be a slight shift in frequency, depth, distribution, timing (pauses), and/or ease of breathing. Although the shift may be slight, it continues after instruction more or less by itself and without having to pay attention to it or having to practice. It has become part of normal respiration.
It is not a model of normal breathing. It is a way to induce a temporary change, and the system determines the nature of the response. One may simply become more aware of oneself.

Breath Relaxation Therapy, Adem- en ontspanningstherapie (AOT), will mostly be given on an individual basis. After an intake 4 or 5 consults will give an indication if this therapy will work for you. A consult Adem- en Ontspanningstherapie lasts one hour and cost 70 euro in 2015.

In Eindhoven you can follow Breath Relaxation (AOT) therapy in den Elzent and Oude Gracht. For the locations click ⇒locatie

Vivid care is a member of the VDV, VBAG and RBCZ. A lot of health insurance providers offer complementary and alternative care coverage, varying by provider. Depending on your health insurance costs for the consults will be covered.

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