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Vivid Care organises courses, training, coaching and therapy in a group or on an individual basis about posture, movement, breathing, relaxation, meditation and stressreduction. Three main methods: Feldenkrais (ATM and FI), Mindfulness (MBSR) and Breath Relaxation (AOT methode Van Dixhoorn).

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The Feldenkrais method is taught in two forms: in group Awareness Through Movement lessons and in individual classes called Functional Integration.

Mindfulness training or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction will learn you to cope in a different way with stress, complaints of health and to restore peace of mind.

Breath Relaxation Therapy (AOT methode Van Dixhoorn) learns you to cope with stress by regulating your breathing pattern. Respiration has two functions: It is able to regulate mental and physical tension states, but more basic is its function to provide information to the subject of the internal state of tension. Breathing reflects tension and serves as an indicator of it.

Vivid care is a member of the VDV, VBAG and RBCZ. A lot of health insurance providers offer complementary and alternative care coverage, varying by provider. Depending on your health insurance costs for the consults will be covered.

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